Observer. Thinker.  Artsist. 


This is me.

I long to see beyond the surface; to linger and capture evidence that there is more than what meets our eyes. This requires a resolved, slowed pace in the midst of a culture that is in constant motion, hustling past the now to what is next. 

She wove her crown from the flowers that grew around her.
— Ellie MacKay

I am a designer and florist by training.  Currently, I am finding more and more life in the time I give to art.  I am self-taught in the medium of soft pastels and portraiture.  As a noticer and deep thinker, I am influenced and inspired by my location, circumstances and the rhythm of the ever-changing world around me.

The aim of my art is to reflect the reality around me that points to the greater story of lasting Hope. Creating is both life and breath for me and, therefore, is also stream of consciousness as life is never static. 



a little more of my story...

I grew up with southern Atlantic coast sand underfoot, studied in Georgian-styled halls, weathered Midwestern winds, steeped long in years lived among the history of another continent and now, along with my husband, grow both roots and daughters in the American South.

Quiet, solitude and the simple awareness of the daily experience fuel my process. These practices, combined with an intentional gaze into other cultures through the work of talented and truthful photographers, I believe, elevate my art.